Sunday, March 23, 2014

May we introduce . . .

We decided to begin our introductions with the youngest of our artisans, 
Kelsey A. Smith.  
At 21 years of age, she is a third generation artisan. Her passion for pen and ink
 coupled with a love of history makes the art of fraktur a perfect fit for her talents. 
She began apprenticing with her mother, Rebekah L. Smith, when she was 14 
years old, and has been inspired by Pennsylvania-German Folk art ever since.
Kelsey is currently at Indiana University-Purdue University Indinapolis 
pursuing a Master of Arts in Museum Studies. 
She hopes to work with local history Museums in the future and 
continue with her folk art.


  1. Such an "old" soul in such a young creature..... a gifted
    creature, indeed. The best to you in your future endeavors,
    Kelsey ~