Friday, June 27, 2014

"Functional Folk Art" . . .

Jane Theobald began experimenting with Nantucket construction after seeing a small 
and broken basket at an antique show 35 years ago. 
After a creative career in stain glass window making, knitting, weaving and shaker basket making 
she was hooked! One of Jane's greatest joys as a Nantucket basket maker is when faced with a technical obstacle she has always at some later date discovered that she has solved that problem the same way the old fellows on the island did. 
In Jane's hands each basket is a learning experience, from the mold to the final basket, each step is solely her work. She works in new and repurposed old cane in order to fulfill wishes for both new and historical replica baskets.  
Jane is proud to have been featured in Country Living magazine and is included in the EAL Outstanding Artists Directory. Her work has also been included in an exhibition of miniatures at the Nantucket Basket Museum on the island.
Please come enjoy Jane's work which is truly "Functional Folk Art" !


  1. The baskets are wonderful! Wish I lived closer and was able to attend the show. Tina