Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A life of fairytales . . .

Allen Cunningham's love of all things old and wonderful began at an early age.
As a school boy, his favorite books were those penned by Beatrix Potter. 
In adulthood, Allen assembled a collection of antique dolls, toys and doll houses.
These collections set the stage for his imaginative creations.
In 1995 while living in California, Allen began making his art dolls.
Over the years he established a name for himself and saw his work featured in 
magazines, catalogs and on HGTV.
Allen's thoughtful little creations are made with paperclay.
Each figure is dressed in tiny hand worked clothes and then set into a vignette
assembled with handmade and antique accessories. 
Allen now lives in Ohio. His lovingly detailed work can be found at shows,
in a few select shops, and through commission orders.  
Most recently his designs were featured in the Smithsonian gift galleries 
and on the cover of "Treasure: Antique to Modern" magazine.

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