Saturday, October 25, 2014

In Tin . . . .

Julie and Douglas Dawson keep an American craft alive.  
In 2001 Julie left corporate life to spend more time with her three daughters and
began the family business. Throughout the house, barn and workshop of an 1850's 
Ohio Homestead, they recreate a product unique to Colonial tinsmiths.
These early artisans were the first to add the plate back and handle to cookie cutters
 to keep their design rigid, providing a palette for creating useful and fun designs.
Using those same construction techniques, Julie and Doug have designed a variety of 
lanterns, sconces, tin art and candle pans that are useful in today’s households. 
As a family the Dawson's create and market their products through 
folk art shows and gift shops.  Julie and Doug have been recognized several times
by "Early American Life" as one of America's Best Traditional Artisans.

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