Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Classic Tradition . . .

~ Redware ~ 
The earliest evidence, found near Jamestown, Virginia and Dating to 1620, (or 
even earlier) points to potters filling an urgent need for household wares of the early settlers.
 Those early "pot bakers" had much in common with contemporary potters Greg and Mary Shooner. 
Their materials and techniques are virtually unchanged from those of centuries past.
Greg and Mary remain committed to quality in their completely handmade and 
decorative ware. They pride themselves on the continuation of this humble, yet
important form of American Folk Art.
Every effort is made to accurately reproduce the mellow patina and effects
of old age seen only in rare antiques.
See an array of sgraffito, "fancy slip, & traditional wavy line slip
decorated plates, jars, lamps and bowls at the Show!

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