Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A needle in her hand . . .

Lori Ann Corelis grew up with a needle in her hand thanks to her mother,
 a wonderful seamstress. A large part of her life has been spent sitting 
cross legged on the floor, stitching like a tailor in a children's fairytale. 
In her "adulthood" she still spends the greater part of her days in 
that fairytale land creating rabbits, bears and other woodland creatures.
Inspiration surrounds her as well loved collections of antique toys, 
blanket chests, cupboards, and early textiles decorate the Corelis home. 
Antique sewing items line her studio walls encouraging her to create 
pincushions and sewing themed works.
Lori Ann creates mainly in German mohair then incorporates antique fabrics 
and accessories into her work. She feels this adds to the "soul of a piece" 
as well as preserving a bit of the past she loves so much.

Lori Ann Corelis and Rebekah L. Smith hope you enjoy the
"From Our Hands & Hearts" show as much as they have enjoyed
bringing it to you!


  1. Gorgeous creations, Lori Ann! I hope to someday meet you in person and see some of your artwork, too. How wonderful this show must have been--I've enjoyed being introduced to all of the exhibitors here on the From Our Hands and Hearts blog. When's the next show? :)

  2. Hi Deborah . . . I'm so happy you enjoyed the introductions!
    When's the next show? Discussions have begun ;-)