Saturday, November 1, 2014

Stitch by tiny Stitch . . .

Stacy Nash remembers, as a small child, sitting at her grandmother's feet watching her stitch.
While it was many years before she picked up a needle of her own, Stacy credits her grandmother with inspiring her love of stitching and handwork.  That memory lives with her to this day.
Stacy's passion is cross stitch but she loves wool appliqué and punch needle as well.
Over the years she has collected antique samplers, many stitched by a young schoolgirls hand.
The stories these early samplers tell fascinate Stacy and often inspire her own designs.
That inspiration can be thru color, motif or simply the textures of the linens.
Stacy loves to wear and age her finished pieces. This gives them a look of years of use and love.
She encourages everyone who owns one of her finished pieces to use them in their daily stitching.
Fellow stitchers can see Stacy's finished work as well as her patterns and kits at the show!

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  1. Hi it's me cucki from south Africa :)
    Wow they all so beautiful
    Big hugs and love x