Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Surrounded by inspiration . . .

Growing up surrounded by antiques and folk art gave Rebekah a foundation of appreciation
for old painted surfaces, simple lines and a good story.
Her painted work is inspired by the creativity of the early  Penna-German artisans and the 'folk-style of the itinerant muralists of the 19th century.
A transition from paint to wool appliqué was very natural.
Rebekah is able to re-interpret her painted work into the textile arts using the same early motifs and use of color.

While not looking to get back into the business of running a show, it just seemed
like a natural thing to do when Rebekah and Lori Ann Corelis began talking.
"We have put a lot of time into the finer details as well as rounding up all the
great artisans and antique dealers that will make this show special." says Rebekah.

"It's From Our Hands, because of the hard work all the artisans and dealers put into
their craft & From Our Hearts for the appreciation we share
of an earlier time."

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  1. Oh how I wish I could be at your many very talented woman with just beautiful hand work. Good Luck to all of you !