Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A sincere thank you . . .

Hello friends,
We were quite overwhelmed by your response to the first From Our Hands & Hearts show 
last Sat. Nov.15. 
Thank you so much to all who came and supported our artisans and antique dealers. 
We had a memorable time seeing old friends and we certainly made a lot of new ones.
Here are some of the highlights from that beautiful sunny (although chilly) day in Peninsula, Ohio.
Enjoy a re-cap of our day by clicking below!

Lori Ann & Rebekah

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Surrounded by inspiration . . .

Growing up surrounded by antiques and folk art gave Rebekah a foundation of appreciation
for old painted surfaces, simple lines and a good story.
Her painted work is inspired by the creativity of the early  Penna-German artisans and the 'folk-style of the itinerant muralists of the 19th century.
A transition from paint to wool appliqué was very natural.
Rebekah is able to re-interpret her painted work into the textile arts using the same early motifs and use of color.

While not looking to get back into the business of running a show, it just seemed
like a natural thing to do when Rebekah and Lori Ann Corelis began talking.
"We have put a lot of time into the finer details as well as rounding up all the
great artisans and antique dealers that will make this show special." says Rebekah.

"It's From Our Hands, because of the hard work all the artisans and dealers put into
their craft & From Our Hearts for the appreciation we share
of an earlier time."

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A needle in her hand . . .

Lori Ann Corelis grew up with a needle in her hand thanks to her mother,
 a wonderful seamstress. A large part of her life has been spent sitting 
cross legged on the floor, stitching like a tailor in a children's fairytale. 
In her "adulthood" she still spends the greater part of her days in 
that fairytale land creating rabbits, bears and other woodland creatures.
Inspiration surrounds her as well loved collections of antique toys, 
blanket chests, cupboards, and early textiles decorate the Corelis home. 
Antique sewing items line her studio walls encouraging her to create 
pincushions and sewing themed works.
Lori Ann creates mainly in German mohair then incorporates antique fabrics 
and accessories into her work. She feels this adds to the "soul of a piece" 
as well as preserving a bit of the past she loves so much.

Lori Ann Corelis and Rebekah L. Smith hope you enjoy the
"From Our Hands & Hearts" show as much as they have enjoyed
bringing it to you!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Tradition & Whimsy . . .

Scott Smith of Rucus studio lives and works in Michigan. 
He delights in creating pieces to enhance the holidays he loves.
The inspiration for many of Scott's characters comes from the past, 
yet he adds his own twist to create something unique and quite often unexpected.
Scott has a passion for collecting antique Christmas and enjoys creating his 
own version of these pieces with antique textiles and the traditional methods 
practiced over a century ago.
Scott is best known for his more whimsical characters. He believes they 
highlight the fantasy of the season, which reminds us of what it's like to 
be a child again.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

The "Wright" stuff . . .

Ron & Kathy Wright of Spring Street Antiques
 have been buying and selling antiques for 25 years.
They specialize in furniture and accessories from the 18th. & 19th. centuries that reflect
many styles from the rustic to the refined.
Their wares are available at the Seville Antique Mall in Seville, Ohio
or through their website ~ SpringStreetAntiques
(The link is on the sidebar)
See their lovely and varied items at From Our Hands!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Le Fabricant de Poupées

Nicol Sayre's art is reminiscent of a by-gone era.
A time when great pride was taken in creating things by hand.
That handwork is intentionally evident in Nicol's hand stitched hems, lovingly
sculpted faces and even the hint of a thumbprint on a sculpted figure.
The mid 1800's is Nicol's favorite period and her dolls reflect the styles and colors of
this era. Whilst creating Nicol imagines the pioneers who may have admired the
pretty dolls and toys or holiday decorations in a shop window then set out to create 
their own from materials at hand.
A passion for collecting supplies Nicol with boundless inspiration. 
Some of her loves are antique dolls & toys, sewing items & early textiles, ephemera 
and even household wares.
Each doll or figure is a one of a kind creation. 
Nicol may at times follow a theme or holiday but each doll has a different expression
and unique vintage elements which give them their personality.
See what delights are in the "Doll Shoppe" on November 15th !

Thursday, November 6, 2014

She's Hooked!

Lanna Omlor has been creating in one way or another for as long as she can remember.
From drawing to needlework, any creative outlet caught her attention,
but it is rug hooking that became her passion.
After 30 years of teaching first grade and watching her mother hook wonderful
rugs, she knew exactly what she wanted to do in her retirement.
Lanna took to hooking like a fish to water.
Many rugs, retreats and classes later she found as well as the hooking she enjoyes designing her own rugs and sharing these designs with others.
These rug designs have become the basis for a small business aptly called "Humble Rugs".
Lanna sells her rug patterns carefully drawn on linen and ready to hook,
she offers many of her designs as punch needle as well.
Woolen pin keeps round out her offerings.
See her wares on November 15th !

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Lights of Christmas . . .

Roberta Taylor lives and works in rural Ohio.
After graduating from the Cleveland Art Institute she turned towards the figures and lights 
of Christmas for inspiration in her work and collecting.
Roberta's Santa figures are inspired by the German traditions of the Giving Tree,
Weihnachtsmann, and the 19th. century crafts of paper mache and toy making.
Christmas gets Roberta through the winter and opens life into Spring.
She keeps a lighted Father Christmas out the entire year.
In addition to her figures Roberta creates beautiful paper cuts or scherenschnitte.
Her widely recognized and collected work emerges from the lights of Christmas and
from the spirit of camaraderie and warmth of the Christmas season.
Come see what delights she has in store for you at the show!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Classic Tradition . . .

~ Redware ~ 
The earliest evidence, found near Jamestown, Virginia and Dating to 1620, (or 
even earlier) points to potters filling an urgent need for household wares of the early settlers.
 Those early "pot bakers" had much in common with contemporary potters Greg and Mary Shooner. 
Their materials and techniques are virtually unchanged from those of centuries past.
Greg and Mary remain committed to quality in their completely handmade and 
decorative ware. They pride themselves on the continuation of this humble, yet
important form of American Folk Art.
Every effort is made to accurately reproduce the mellow patina and effects
of old age seen only in rare antiques.
See an array of sgraffito, "fancy slip, & traditional wavy line slip
decorated plates, jars, lamps and bowls at the Show!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Stitch by tiny Stitch . . .

Stacy Nash remembers, as a small child, sitting at her grandmother's feet watching her stitch.
While it was many years before she picked up a needle of her own, Stacy credits her grandmother with inspiring her love of stitching and handwork.  That memory lives with her to this day.
Stacy's passion is cross stitch but she loves wool appliqué and punch needle as well.
Over the years she has collected antique samplers, many stitched by a young schoolgirls hand.
The stories these early samplers tell fascinate Stacy and often inspire her own designs.
That inspiration can be thru color, motif or simply the textures of the linens.
Stacy loves to wear and age her finished pieces. This gives them a look of years of use and love.
She encourages everyone who owns one of her finished pieces to use them in their daily stitching.
Fellow stitchers can see Stacy's finished work as well as her patterns and kits at the show!