Saturday, November 7, 2015

A Family Affair . . .

Most families have traditions, stories or even trades they pass down
thru the generations. A creative family often passes on their talents & 
love of antiques, art or music as well.

We often hear folks bemoan a younger generation, one, they say
has no appreciation for the past. This is only a repeat of how their parents, grandparents
and great grandparents felt.
 But . . . Look a little closer and you will see many
a young person working with their hands. The "makers" movement of the last years
is testament to that.  They may add their own twist to things, but the
techniques have come from the past and have now become
cherished again.

Family is a big part of From Our Hands & Hearts.
Your hosts, Lori Ann Corelis & Rebekah L. Smith are both
fortunate to be from families where creativity and a love of the past
has been passed to them. 
They are honored to include some of their very talented family members
in the show!
The above photo shows the works of Christine Miller (left), Rebekah's mother who handed down her love of needlework, history and antiques to her daughter. On the right is Rebekah's own wool appliqué pillow. Rebekah's talents lie not only in needlework, but in folk painting & Rufus Porter style murals.  In the center, a Fraktur design by Kelsey A. Smith (Rebekah's daughter), a young and creative woman with love of history (i.e.: a recently completed degree in Museum Studies).
See works from each of these talented ladies at the show!
(In addition to Kelsey, Rebekah has 2 more talented daughters, Karly Alexandra and Tessa
a high schooler who loves music and stitching).

In Lori Ann's family it was her mother Eileen who instilled a love of needlework in her daughters.
They came to love antiques as well growing up in a home decorated with some lovely pieces. 
For many years Eileen stitched beautiful clothing, drapes and slipcovers for discerning clients. When the rug hooking revival took place in the early 70's Eileen found a love that she has continued to this day at 92. (photo right). Lori Ann's sister Lanna, taught first grade for 30 years, during which time 
she always had her hands in something creative. Once she retired she took to rug hooking
with a passion for designing.  Lanna (photo left) now designs rug hooking patterns and sweet pin keeps. Lori Ann's creativity took a different turn (tho she loves many kinds of needlework), she has designed and created artisan teddy bears, animals and pincushions for nearly 30 years.
(Lanna and Lori Ann's brother Keith is a musician . . . his own style of creativity.)
While Eileen no longer does shows Lori Ann & Lanna will be exhibiting at the show!

Hope to see you November 14th. ~ 2016
Details here!

Lori Ann & Rebekah


  1. I'm so envious of you all! I have 4 sisters and none of them have any interest in making anything and they don't like anything old. I love EVERYTHING old and LOVE all things crafted by hand. My mother always told people I was an only child in a large family and people saw/see me as weird. I now have a huge chosen family in the form of Facebook groups and I'm not so isolated anymore. I brought rug hooking to work with me today and the only response to my hooking a rug was WHY? You can just go buy a rug. You are all so blessed! Krissy B.

  2. So bummed that I am not going to be able to make the show. Everything looks so wonderful and I know it is going to be an awesome event. My mom was an incredible seamstress; one of my biggest regrets is that I did not inherit that gene. So many times in my life I wish I had paid more attention and learned from her. I remember an old couch we had in our living room. It was really really old. I came home from school one day and there it was, now the size of a loveseat with a brand new black and white floral slipcover my mom made from dimestore material she bought for like $10.00. All I know is somehow she cut out the middle part of the couch (which sagged horribly after so many years of use), put the two end pieces together to make a loveseat and then created a gorgeous slipcover. I do not know how she did it. Like I said, she was amazing. I hope you all have a wonderful time at the show. Maybe I can make it next year. God bless.

  3. What wonderful family legacies! It's heartwarming to hear of families sharing and passing down their gifts and talents. I really, really wanted to come to this show but time and distance won't allow it. I am hoping to come to the spring show. Wishing you a fantastic time this weekend.... :)

  4. Thank you for your sweet comments ladies!