Friday, November 4, 2016

A mere week away!

Oh my . . .  we are all in a hustle ~ bustle!
For artisans and antique dealers it's a race against the clock to acquire and finish
the beautiful wares you will see on November 11 and 12th!

Here are a few peeks . . . . 
One photo from each artisan or dealer.
(Please note these are representative of their offerings and may not be the exact piece
you see at the show.)

Jane Theobald ~ Rebekah L. Smith ~ Judy Robinson ~ Craig Yenke ~ Dan Coble ~ Christine Miller ~ Greg & Mary Shooner.
Stacy Nash ~ Lori Brechlin ~ Lori Ann Corelis ~ Marta Urban ~ Kathy Bonnes ~ Lanna K. Omlor ~ Allen Cunnigham ~ Connie Louthan
Jerry & Darla Arnold ~ The Eclectic Jewlers ~ Pam & Robert Gill ! Kelsey A. Smith ~ Marilyn Willmore ~ Dean Hicks ~ Marlene Coble
See you so very soon!
Lori Ann & Rebekah

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  1. All look so beautiful and tempting. Wonderful display of artistic talent!